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The Moisture Conundrum

The Science of Sexy

Introducing a single word that will change what you know and feel about personal lubricants: osmolality.

Have you ever been told that if you’re lost at sea, you shouldn’t drink the salt water? Well, that’s because the osmolality of salt water is higher than the osmolality of your body. The salt water you drink will actually pull moisture from your body and quickly dehydrate you.

As it turns out, most personal lubricants on the market have an osmolality far higher than that of the human body — and even higher than salt water. So just like salt water, those lubricants also dehydrate your cells — which increases your risk for irritation, tearing and ultimately, disease transmission.

Other Lubes Can Dehydrate Your Cells

Body Fluids
Salt Water
Other Lubes
Warming Lubes
Low Osmolality High Osmolality

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High Osmolality is Bad

To put it even more plainly: a high osmolality lubricant will pull moisture out of your healthy cells the same way the sun pulls moisture out of a grape. Do you want your ass to shrivel and dry up like a raisin? Neither do we. FLIP keeps moisture right where you want it through our low osmolality formula designed to mimic the body’s natural fluids.

When Sex and Science Collide

It’s slick, safe and sexy.

Slick: Tired of the lubes that get sticky five minutes in? Or those runny lubes that go everywhere except where you want them? So were we. So we conducted user perception and acceptability studies to develop the optimal thickness for a personal lubricant. FLIP has the perfect glide for any sexual experience.

Safe: It was tested on human vaginal tissue, cervical tissue, and anal tissue. While other lubricants pull moisture from the body, FLIP was formulated to keep moisture right where you want it.

Sexy: FLIP is a versatile product that feels great during any kind of sex play. Everything about FLIP makes sex better — from beginning to end. Are you ready to experience the science of sexy?


Water, Glycerol, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sodium Phosphate.

Want your cells to shrivel up like a raisin? Neither do we.

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