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Why FLIP Lube

We had a theory. A theory that the world needed a personal lubricant that could make sex better and safer. And we were right.


Designed for All Healthy Sex

Most lubricants were developed for vaginal sex and you had no choice but to use them for other forms of sex as well — nothing had been designed and tested specifically for anal use. But now you have a choice. FLIP was developed to protect sensitive tissue and also align with the pH in the vagina. So whether you want to have vaginal sex, anal sex, or flip back and forth between both (pun intended), we’ve got you covered.


Scientifically Tested and Developed

If there’s one thing you can trust, it’s that FLIP will be good too. As scientists, we know the human body and how to protect it. We tested FLIP on actual human vaginal, cervical, and anal tissues so we know how it works inside the body. Find out just how great it can be when sex and science collide.


Low Osmolality

Long live the booty! FLIP is all about protecting it instead of damaging it. Where other lubes dehydrate and shrink your cells, FLIP keeps your booty healthy and intact. As a result, it’s a safe, long-lasting lubricant that feels just like you. Get the 4-1-1 on osmolality.


Feels like Silicone but is Water-based

Step away from the machine oil! While silicone lubes might get the job done, they’re 100% synthetic products that were meant to grease metal machine parts. Silicone is so strong it can chew through the finish on your wooden nightstand and so greasy that you can never wash it away (seriously, it just gets absorbed into your bloodstream). So do you really want to put that into your body? FLIP has the super smooth glide of a silicone-based product, but is actually water-based — so that means no damage, no stains, no mess and no problems. Other water-based lubricants tend to wear off quickly, but FLIP is formulated to last from position to position, all night long. And when the fun is done, you’ll barely even know FLIP was there.


Safe for Condoms and Sex Toys

If you’re ready to get it on, you can count on FLIP for a good time. It won’t damage latex condoms, polyisoprene condoms or sex toys. It’s clean, odorless, non-staining and great for any type of sex play.

Flip Lube

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“I just wanted to tell you this lube is everything I have been looking for and more! I am already ordering another bottle. Thank you so so much for saving our lives with the best product on the market.” - A first-time FLIP user

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